See The Good is about learning how to embrace the positive aspects of your life and about helping others to choose to focus the good in their lives.

It seems that most of the time it is infinitely easier to give advice than to receive it. So to turn to someone and say to simply look for the good in his or her life is not really providing that person with a solution. The idea is too broad and in reality, it is just one part of the solution. Granted, it is a very critical aspect of the solution but alone those words hold no magic. Each person can only apply this process when he or she is in a place of broad perspective with the support of loved ones. In addition, there must be acceptance of the fact that life presents challenges but what defines each person is how he or she chooses to overcome those challenges.



Time and security both play a part in one’s ability to reflect on both good and bad events. Having time to slow down and wipe your mind clear of the mundane thoughts and worries is the only way to achieve true reflection. You can’t let the issues or annoyances of the present color how you see and evaluate an event from your past. And once you are in that clear mental place, you need to know that no matter what you discover, you have the friends and family who will be by your side with comfort and support.  Reliving difficult memories can be as painful as the day you actually experienced them. It is the people who support and encourage you who will give you the strength to seek the good and find the lesson in your darkest hours.


The keys to a happy life are choosing to look for the good and seeing each experience as a learning tool and not a barrier or excuse for misery. But there is no single moment of clarity when your brain just begins to process in this manner. It is a learned skill, like driving a car or learning to swim and it takes practice as well as the correct environment. No one learns a new skill in a negative environment where they are being ridiculed or yelled at for mistakes. So you need to attain a sense of balance and security in your life. Only from that “good” place can you really take an honest, unbiased look at yourself and your actions to learn from your past.


With that being said, See The Good is about more than just stories, thoughts and phrases to promote a positive thought to start each day. It also offers thoughts and tools for creating the balance and happiness needed in all aspects of your life. Humans are not one dimensional and our happiness is a complex reflection of all that we value. Each aspect of life is but a single ingredient in the finished product of our happiness. And each person must discover, or create, his or her own secret recipe for happiness. See The Good is a place to discover thoughts about more than just attitude and gratitude. See The Good will offer articles about money challenges, social concepts, amazing acts of kindness, and some epic fails in one aspect of life or another because all of them exist. And all of them have an impact on your ability to choose to see the good in your life and to be the good in someone else’s life.